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Jalapeno Peppers 1 Gallon

Jalapeno Peppers 1 Gallon

Part Number:81204-53014 Price $16.56
Jalapeno Peppers are the most asked for topping on nachos. Spice your profits and season your sales with “HOT” jalapenos. Combine the warm soothing nacho cheese with these jalapeno peppers to give your customers the greatest nachos. Nachos and cheese are one of the many favorites for concession stand snacks and they’ll be a favorite in your business as well.

Serve the hot pepper from this one-gallon jar and there will be plenty of bold spicy flavors to put on top of tortilla chips. The ultimate topping for nachos is sliced jalapeno peppers. Go ahead and boast about serving the best nachos in town, the nachos don’t mind. Pick up the condiment that brings the heat today!

1 gallon Jalapenos

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