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Everybody uses jars whether they are glass, shaped, plastic, and with or without a lid! Jars are used for a wide variety of reasons like storage, candy buffets, from gift giving to canning and preserving fruits and vegetables. Offering a wide variety of dispensers and glass jars with their accessories are a great way to increase profits and add more customer base to your retail business on a regular basis. It's always nice to walk into a store and the owner and cashier greet you by your name. Adds a little hometown friendliness to your retail store.
  • Hexagon Glass Jar w/ Lid
  • Small Square Containers
  • Acrylic Candy Jar w/ Scoop
  • Flattened Globe 
  • Glass Jars w/ Covers
  • Personalized Glass Jars

Food storage containers, candy jars, glass and plastic dispensers with lids are always needed. Needed for things like candy, preserves, arts & crafts, cosmetics, nuts & bolts, sewing needles & threads, and so much more. A successful retail business is finding what your overall customer demands are and then capitalizing on that. With small storage containers, contents can range from a very wide array of materials. So it's not limited to any one particular section or area. That's why these are a great item to carry in your store because they are so versatile. Come check us out and order from us today. Its only a click away, just add to your shopping cart.

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