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Jelly Belly - Most Popular Flavors - 10lbs

Jelly Belly - Most Popular Flavors - 10lbs

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A delicious collection of the most popular Jelly Belly candies for you to choose from.  Spur sales with these jelly bean favorites.

  • Very Cherry
  • Cotton Candy
  • Juicy Pear
  • Licorice
  • Berry Blue
  • Watermelon
  • Green Apple
  • Assorted Sour & 49 Flavor Mixes

popular jelly belly

*Approximately 25 jelly belly in 1 ounce & approximately 400 jelly belly in 1 pound

No matter what kind of retail business they manage, store and other business owners all look for pretty much the same kinds of features and qualities when it comes to display fixtures. They want tools that will attractively showcase their products while offering convenience to their customers, as well as tools that will be both versatile and convenient for them. Mobile display racks are excellent choices – they offer attractiveness, convenience, and versatility. When you use mobile racks, you can position and reposition them as many times and anywhere you want as long as you have space. This freedom allows you many more choices when it comes to creating displays, and it also allows you to adjust your displays when factors like traffic flow and special sales or clearances call for adjustment.

Rolling Jelly Belly racks are fantastic display fixtures in those capacities. Despite their name, rolling Jelly Belly racks can be used display much more than just Jelly Belly candy. Store and other business owners can use these fixtures to display any kind of wrapped or unwrapped candies, and you can find them with four or six shelves, complete with 12 or 18 acrylic round face bins. If you’re having trouble determining whether your store or other business would benefit from rolling Jelly Belly racks, check out the six kinds of establishments for which they’re suitable for listed below. Even if you don’t see your business, chances are you’ll see a similar one!

1. Candy Stores because rolling Jelly Belly racks work best with any kind of candy or small treat, they’re an obvious choice of display fixtures for candy stores!

2. Convenience Stores and Gas Stations Most convenience stores and gas stations sell candy and other kinds of small, edible merchandise, and rolling Jelly Belly racks are excellent display fixtures for showcasing those items.

3. Grocery Stores if you manage a grocery store, you can use rolling Jelly Belly racks to display and keep fresh unwrapped candy as well as other treats like peanuts or trail mix. Using mobile fixtures helps you create displays that work best with your store’s layout and traffic flow, and can even help you create point-of-purchase, or POP, displays near your store’s checkout counter without blocking your customers’ path.

4. Hotels and Motels Rolling Jelly Belly racks work exceptionally well for hotels and motels with dining areas, because the when the time of day changes, the kind of food served also changes, and mobile display racks like rolling Jelly Belly racks allow you to easily move the displays and the food wherever you need to in order to restock.

5. Arcades Arcades are great places to sell candy and other treats, and mobile display fixtures such as rolling Jelly Belly racks work well to help you resituate the displays in places that will work best for the traffic flow your arcade experiences on each particular day or during a certain time of each day.

6. Carnivals, Amusement Parks, and Other Festivals Many carnivals, amusement parks, and other festivals are temporary and always on the go. Having easily transferable display fixtures is crucial!

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Delicious and the price is great for the amount! It has gone over well for our employee treats!
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