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Jones Carbonated Candy Berry Lemonade - 8ct

Jones Carbonated Candy Berry Lemonade - 8ct

Part Number:83309-4009220 Price $14.70
  • Sweet And Sour Flavor
  • Natural Flavors
Jones Carbonated Candy in Berry Lemonade flavor is a very nice tart candy, not too tart but enough to get your attention. Lemony taste just adds to the sultry refreshing flavor of these sweet and sour fizzy candies. It has been suggested to add one of these to a beverage and totally change the flavor. The Berry Lemonade are semi-soft and easy to crush. Ordering is easy order online and add to your shopping cart today!

  • 8 count
  • .89 oz
  • Made with Pure Cane Sugar
  • Natural Flavors
  • Berry Lemonade Flavored

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