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Large Square Candy Containers

Large Jars and Containers allows your store to keep plenty of merchandise on hand. Larger sized bins attract attention and with the clear material, your product is easy to view from afar. They are the perfect size for displaying bulk food items, wholesale candy, or novelties. Bigger sized storage containers are extremely convenient for products that are more popular for the simple fact that you don't have to refill them as often. Scoop up some bulk dry goods such as flour and sugar or fill plastic jars with doggie treats at the pet store. 

  • Montana Glass Jars
  • Jumbo Clear Boxes
  • Horizontal Radius Bins
  • Tritan Gravity Bins
  • Large Candy Bin W/Acrylic Tubing

Accidents happen, plastic bins give you peace of mind knowing they will not shatter; acrylic containers are clearer and more eye appealing to your patrons. Gravity bins offer portion control that's perfect for coffee, dry beans, candy displays, a variety of cereals and more. Wholesale candy containers come in many styles, shapes and sizes such. Find the perfect one that best fits your requirements. Whatever your need for a super sized container, there is something here for you. Potentially increase your income by going with bulk merchandise and gaining the added extra attention from your clients. Save today by purchasing your wholesale display bins with us now!
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Gravity Bin - 3.3 Gallon
Super Sized Candy Bin
Multi-Use Large Bin
Acrylic Multi-Bin System
$649.00  $529.00