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Some of the greatest candies you will ever eat have some of your favorite characters associated with them. Featured in fun candies like PEZ dispensers, jelly beans, and candy necklaces, you and your smaller guests will really love the designs and the familiarity they bring! Ordering a brand new set of character candy will not only increase your sales but will bring customers back time and time again! Create a whole new display out of fun PEZ candies and Jelly Belly bags. You will be making the right choice for you and the right choice for your customers as you browse through all of our new and exciting candy offerings! Check out some more of our awesome inventory!
  • Peg Bags
  • Candy Necklaces
  • Pez Dispensers
  • Candy Tins
  • Gummies
Character candy brings together the best of both worlds: your favorite candy and your favorite characters! Minions, Nintendo, and Spongebob. They are all involved and all ready to be sold. Add a new countertop display or spruce up your existing one! Each character is individual to the candy and is truly fun for all ages. Ranging from Hello Kitty to Star Wars, you are sure to find something everyone will enjoy! Discover more below!
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Radz Angry Birds - 12ct
Cars 3 Lip Pops - 12ct
Emoticandy Tins - 18ct
Super Mario Qube - 18ct
Minions Fart Gun  - 12ct
Trolls Candy Fan - 12ct
WII Controller Gum Tin  - 12ct
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