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Wholesale Licorice

Gone are the days of licorice only available in just black and red. Now there is such a long list of the variety of flavored and colorful licorice. There are the traditional red and black laces that everyone remembers from childhoods past and present. Customers will buy licorice candy in bulk so be sure to have a lot on hand. Otherwise, you will find yourself running out. Bulk licorice is a huge money maker and when you buy your licorice wholesale, you ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

You will find below, the traditional red and black licorice offerings, sweet licorice, salted licorice and even imported licorice. Why not order some of each to increase your profit potential. Ordering wholesale licorice is easy, simply add to cart!
  • Licorice Ice 
  • Sour Belts 
  • Good & Plenty 
  • Licorice Laces 
  • Strawberry and Black Laces
  • Licorice Ropes
  • Money Salt Licorice
  • Soft Licorice Drops
  • Licorice Assortment
  • Licorice Bridge mix 
  • Black Licorice Cats or Beagles
  • Red and black licorice wheels
  • 7” licorice twists
  • Sugar free Licorice Bears

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Giant Twizzlers - 18ct
Red Super Ropes - 60ct
Unicorn Poop - 18ct
Finnska Ripples - 7.7lbs
Licorice Assortments - 6.6lbs
Average Rating(2)
Licorice Bridge Mix - 10lbs
Average Rating(1)
Good & Plenty -15lbs
Average Rating(1)
Good & Plenty - 5lbs
Licorice Ice - 6.6lbs
Licorice Cats - 6.6lbs
Average Rating(1)
Strawberry Sourbelts - 19.8lbs
Average Rating(1)
Strawberry Laces - 15lbs
Black 7