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Mamba Original Chews - 48ct

Mamba Original Chews - 48ct

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  • Taffy Chews Fruit Flavors
  • Colorful And Delicious 
Mamba Original Chews were first created in 1953 and are still a top favorite today. This display box contains 48 mini packs of chewy, fruity taffy type candies. There is an assortment of Lemon, Strawberry, Orange and Raspberry chews to choose from. Enjoy them all or just your favorite. Customers love mamba candies so the more you have in your shop the better for you. Order yours today! 

  • 48 count 
  • 0.88 ounces each 
  • Flavors: Orange, Strawberry, Lemon and Raspberry 
  • Each pack contains 6 pieces