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Medium Round Wicker Storage Basket

Medium Round Wicker Storage Basket

Part Number:81203-000346-3-07 Price $82.54
  • Holds Larger Items
  • Store Extra Merchandise
  • Can Be Used Outside But Color Will Change
Medium Round Wicker Storage Baskets helps you keep products where you want them whether it's for storage or making displays that are different and unique. These stylish and sturdy display baskets will grab customers attention and have them stopping to take a look. Place wicker baskets through out your retail shop with a variety of products and watch profits go up. Add to cart! 


Extra Large
Outside Dimensions
16"DIA x 17"H
19"DIA x 19"H
22"DIA x 21"H
Inside Dimensions
13"DIA x 17"H
16"DIA x 18"H
19"DIA x 20"H

  • Can be used outdoors and will take on a rustic natural gray patina as they weather
  • To keep the "new look", apply a coat of polyurethane spray before the finish begins to weather
  • NOTE:  The height listed is to the top of the rim, add 3" from the rim to the top of the handle. Baskets are handmade, therefore sizes may vary

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