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Mega-Capacity Lollipop Tree

Mega-Capacity Lollipop Tree

Part Number:83309-4012463 Price $262.29
Limited Stock
  • Holds 388 Lollipops
  • Available In White Only
Imagine a colorful array of the most coveted treats enticing your customers with the anticipation of consuming sweet temptations. This tree for lollipops will have customers clamoring to purchase more and more of the lollipops displayed on upon it. Sucker trees have been luring children for generations with the promise of a sweet delight that they can enjoy longer than any other treat around.

Lollipop trees adorned with suckers in a large variety of colors and flavors are sure to weaken the resolve of even the most resistant customers and stimulate higher impulse purchases in your retail establishment. Don't wait, order today and turn some frowns upside down.

  • Base is 14" Diameter And 5 ft high
  • Pole is 4" x 4"

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