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Mentos Red Fruit/Lime Gum - 10ct

Mentos Red Fruit/Lime Gum - 10ct

Part Number:82403-31702 Price $23.15
Retail Price:$24.95 Savings:$1.80(7%)
  • Delicious Flavor Combination
  • Eye Catching Gum Container
Mentos Red Fruit/Lime Gum will really grab your customer's attention with the bright red candy container. Excite your mouth with the unique blend of fruits in this long lasting flavorful gum. It has 40% fewer calories and it is sugar-free. Gain more attention at your checkout lines. Order yours today!


  • 10 count
  • 1.06 oz each
  • Mentos Gum
  • Red Fruit/Lime Flavor
  • Soft Center

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