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Mini Sour Lemonade Wedges - 5lbs

Mini Sour Lemonade Wedges - 5lbs

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Part Number:82403-34113
  • Bright Yellow & White Color
  • Wedge Shaped, Easy To Eat
Mini Sour Lemonade Wedges are bright yellow and white gummies with a dusting of sugar, shaped like a small wedge. As most lemons do, get ready to pucker your lips when you indulge in these delicious sour chewy candies. Expand your bulk candy section by incorporating these yummy morsels into your retail establishment. Add a little sunshine to the tops of your fresh baked cakes. Integrate other flavors we have available like Sour Watermelon, Sour Green Apple, and Sour Wildberry.Order yours today!

  • 5 pounds
  • Yellow & White Gummy Lemonade Slices
  • Approximately 110 Pieces Per Pounds
  • Lemonade Wedge Dimensions: .75" x .375" x .75"
  • Gluten Free

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