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Mint Bars - 48ct

Mint Bars - 48ct

Part Number:83309-1001287 Price $63.16
  • Great Minty Flavor
  • Creamy Chocolate Candies
What better way to add money to your store than with these Mint Bars? These Milk Chocolate mints wrapped in a $100 dollar green money package are not only tasty but eye catching. A chocolate mint cream center is coated in milk chocolate and wrapped with Mr. Franklin for all to see. So add this chocolate mint treat to your candy bars and watch the dough roll in. Little bite sized mint chocolates are held within this wrapper and are a true treasure. Such a great favor to give out at children's parties, a fun twist on wedding favors and any treasure themed get together. Order your chocolate mints today! 

  • 48 Count
  • 1.762 oz.

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