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Natural 12"D x 19"H Cedar Whole Barrel
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Natural 12"D x 19"H Cedar Whole Barrel

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  • Wonderful For Bulk Items
  • Attention Grabber
More Than A Whole Barrel of Laughs! These natural colored barrels will make a great exhibit at your place of business. Showcasing your items in the barrel display at the end of the aisles or at the entrance of the door will catch the attention from merchants. These eye catching wooden barrels are made of cedar wood.
The barrels are perfect for displaying bulk goods, produce, and an endless assortment of solid goods. You will find that our wholesale barrels enhance many products which are sure to drive sales and product interest. Rush on out and buy your wood barrels today!

This item is Rustic Unfinished and rough to the touch - NOT sanded or painted.

  • 12"D x 19""H
  • Lid Is Optional - NOT included
  • Hand coopered and made of cedar staves with oak bands
  • Designed for the storage of dry goods
  • Also ideal for the storage of bird seed or pet food

Many stores, and other businesses that aren't in the retail industry but do sell some merchandise, rely on traditional display fixtures when creating merchandise displays. While clear plastic containers, convenience store racks, revolving bucket racks, and even pegboard displays are great ways to showcase products, there are options out there that allow store owners to add an extra charm to their displays – and still keep them functional. Wooden barrels and wooden barrel displays are ideal choices for these needs.

Browse the Different Kinds of Wooden Barrel Display Fixtures
They may offer a rustic charm that doesn't appeal to every kind of business, but for those businesses who are interested in wooden barrel displays, there are plenty of options to choose from!
  • Single Wooden Barrels: Using single wooden barrels (unattached to any kind of stand or shelf) work well for small displays or for when you want to create your own displays.
  • Wooden Barrel Floor Racks: Floor racks designed to hold wooden barrels or baskets are great for both POP barrel displays as well as floor displays throughout other areas of your store.
  • Wooden Barrel Counter Racks: Like floor racks, counter racks designed to hold wooden barrels or baskets are great for POP barrel displays.
Decide Which Merchandise Will Work Best in Your Wooden Barrels
There are two things you need to consider as your deciding which merchandise will work best in your wooden barrels:
  • 1.The size and weight of your merchandise. There are different kinds of wooden barrels available, but no matter what kind you choose, you must make sure it will be able to hold the merchandise you plan to display in it.
  • 2.Where you want to situate your wooden barrel display. See below.
Consider Where You Should Situate Your Wooden Barrel Displays
Where you situate your wooden barrel display depends on several factors. To get started, ask yourself the following questions:
  • What kinds of merchandise am I showcasing in my wooden barrels? Are you displaying merchandise your customers came to your store specifically to purchase, or are you display impulse merchandise you want them to pick up at the register? The former situate allows you a bit more freedom to place your displays anywhere throughout your store; the latter works best when you create POP barrel displays.
  • Is the merchandise I’m showcasing related to any other merchandise in the store, and if so, would it make sense to make sure the different displays are situated close together?
Some store owners opt to create floor displays at either end of aisles, and in these displays they like to showcase merchandise that’s related to what’s already on the aisle’s shelves. For example, the manager of a convenience store or grocery store might want to create a wooden barrel display of small, travel-sized hygiene products and place it at the end of an aisle that features larger, home versions of the same products.
  • Is there enough room in the area where I want to position my barrel display? There are many different kinds of wooden barrel displays to choose from. Either make sure you select the display fixtures that will work with the space you have, or make sure you can set aside an area in your store where your display fixture will fit.
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