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Now & Later Wild Fruit Chews - 24ct

Now & Later Wild Fruit Chews - 24ct

Part Number:83309-1002270 Price $34.52
  • 18 Pieces Per Pack
  • Delicious Taffy Like Candy
  • Yummy Fruity Flavors
Now and Later Wild Fruit Chews include three delicious mouth-watering fruit flavors in one 2.75 ounce pack. Let your wild side show when you receive 18 pieces of hard fruity soft chewy square candy pieces that are each individually wrapped. Let the display box do all the work and speak for itself at your checkout lines and increase impulse buying plus sales numbers. Ordering is easy just add to your online shopping cart today!

  • 24 Count
  • 2.75 Ounces Each
  • 18 Pieces Per Bar
  • Wild Fruit Flavors Include: Tropical Punch, Wildberry, and Watermelon

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