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An Orange Oasis! Use Orange Color Candy to brighten up your surroundings and sales. Jelly Belly beans bring that classic taste that all love and come in eight different shades of orange to match their delicious flavor. Peach rings and orange gummi bears are a chewy taste sensation that kids, and adults, go crazy for. Gems and Sixlets orange candy provides that chocolate center that helps us stay centered. This vibrant color will draw attention and sell these colored candies quickly.

Create an amazing seasonal candy display for your office that utilize orange to bring the hues of the season into your space. How many sports teams use orange? So many! Orange colored treats will be cheered for at sports gatherings that have this bright shade as a team color. Orange is known as an energetic color. Businesses can help keep their employees alert with dishes of orange candies around. Think of how much better staff meetings would be with bulk colored candy. Stock colored candy in your store to cash in on this vibrant color all year round!
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Orange Cream Chew - 5lbs
Orange Slices - 30lbs