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Gift and favor dispensers come in all shapes and sizes. Paint buckets are one of those uniquely wonderful ideas. Looks like a paint bucket, seals like a paint bucket but most are clear to see what's stored inside. Great for keeping candy and other perishables fresh, the organized in order, and saying "Thank You" at special occasions with style and grace. We offer paint cans in many sizes including a pint, quart, gallon or other such sizes. Add a little uniqueness to your retail store.
  • Round Steel Buckets With Handles
  • Clear Round Containers With Handles
  • Paint Cans With Lids
  • Paint Can Containers

Keepsake favors, Christmas stocking stuffer's, desk drawer organizer's, party favors, baby shower gifter's, whatever you wish to call them they are still the same. These are only just a few ideas on how to use the paint can gift favors and dispensers. People love them. They are not your average everyday party favor or gift dispenser. Give a unique idea and people are going to copy it. Be the place they can call and order their special occasion party favors. Get your sales numbers rising. Order yours today.

Conversion Chart:
8 Ounces     = 1 Cup
16 Ounces   = 1 Pint
32 Ounces   = 1 Quart
128 Ounces = 1  Gallon

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