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Pedestals and Podium Displays

Put it up on a Pedestal and set it apart! From fun to fancy there is a wide array of choices for you to choose from. Cube shelves/pedestals are multipurpose and a lighthearted display option. Created for placement of merchandise inside each cube while also having the flat tops for decorative and product placement. Used to elevate items that you want to showcase to encourage sales, there are gorgeous hand carved wooden pedestals and granite style as well. 

Want a nice decorative touch near your counters, entrance or throughout your store with pretty flowers, baskets overflowing with goodies and so much more. Set up alone or in a group to pack more of a punch. There are so many choices at your finger tips!

Traditionally they were for speeches and lectures; however, nowadays podiums can be used for anything! Step out of the box and into the new way to display. Use the clear and colored podiums as showcases, table displays, laptop stands and for book signings. Where ever your imagination takes you, there's always room for a podium.

Looking for bright, colorful and innovative ways to fill your business? The acrylic store furniture will have you setting apart from the competition. Find the unique style that calls out to you! Opt for the crystal clear podiums, green glass colored, smoked black, inviting blue, or even a traditional wood podium. Browse through our selection and order today!
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