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Personalized Gift Favors - Unique Candy Containers - Engraved Mini Boxes
Personalized Gifts and Favors
Offer a wide selection of gift and party favors for your patrons to choose from for their special event. Individuals preference and needs vary from day to day. So offer unique, fresh ideas, and ones that grab their attention. Not sure how to know which to offer? Ask, do a survey. Most of the time customers find it easier to personalize their favors much simpler and easier. The country themed events lean more in that direction as well. Look at your time of year, spring and summer are good for weddings. Baby showers are year round.
  • Metallic Chalkboards
  • Vintage Milk Bottles
  • Mini Wedding Milk Bottles
  • Small Wedding Mason Jar Chalkboards
  • Various Candy Jars
  • Various Candy Tubes
  • Paint Cans in Various Sizes
  • Laser Engraved Mini Boxes
  • Silk Screened Mini Boxes

It's a fact of life, special occasions happen like getting married, having families, and the feelings of love we have continues to grow larger for the special people in our lives. One of the unique and fun ways of expressing our love for our families and friends who help us celebrate that love are party and gift favors. Be fun and creative with what you fill the dispensers with. Add anything from candy to shaped tiny baby rattles to hearts or toys. Best part of all this is there is no wrong way to do these. They come from the heart. Heart thinking shows your customers you care. Guess what? They will be back. Repeat customers are what make our sales profits increase. It's a win win, so don't delay order your products from us today.

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Paint Can With Lid - 80ct
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