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PEZ candies and the wide variety of PEZ dispensers are well known the world over. A fun little treat that pops out of an even more fun holder. Originally made in 1927 in Vienna, Austria as a breath mint, their name is short for the German word for peppermint. These days there is a much wider range of flavors to choose from than just peppermint but the real star of the show now seems to be more about the dispensers themselves than the candy. 

These candy holders were first created to look like a cigarette lighter to try to get people to quit smoking, however, they soon began placing heads on top of the slim cartridge and the PEZ dispenser was born! Collectors all around the world have been hanging onto these fun candy holders that represent everything from superheroes and princesses to cartoon characters and beyond.
  • Disney Monsters University Assorted PEZ dispensers
  • Finding Nemo PEZ dispensers
  • Mickey Mouse Club PEZ dispensers
  • Star Wars Clone Wars PEZ dispensers 
  • PEZ Sours Refills
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Emoji Pez Dispenser  - 12ct
Finding Dory PEZ Dispensers  -12ct
Hello Kitty PEZ Dispensers  -12ct
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Giant Snoopy PEZ Dispenser - 4ct
Pez Assorted Fruit Rolls - 10lbs
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PEZ 6-Pack Cola Refill  - 12ct
Finding Dory PEZ Gift Set - 6ct
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TMNT PEZ Connectibles  - 12ct