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Hexagon plastic containers show off candy choices in Middlebury Sweets!
Photos by B. Jenne - Owner Middlebury Sweets, Middlebury, VT.

Love the look of glass, but shudder when kids reach into glass jars? Fill your store with plastic candy jars to offer the look you want, with the added bonus of safety for all. Line the wall with our extensive collection of wholesale plastic jars and let the fun begin! No matter the size of your display buying plastic jars wholesale will benefit your business. From small displays to larger ones with plastic containers you can give customers a variety of options to choose from.

Choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes of wholesale plastic candy jars. Candy jars aren't only for candy though, with choices of round, square or even hexagon shaped use them to also display small hardware items or novelties. Large plastic jars are also available for larger items. Short on space? We can help with that. Stackable containers are also available.

Need an exciting way to decorate your special event? Plastic containers offer endless ways to add to the ambiance. Fill containers with candy, flowers, floating candles, or other small trinkets. Plastic is so lightweight that it makes storing and transporting bins a piece of cake - a fabulous find for wedding and event planners. 

Imagine each table at the reception decorated with a small plastic candy jar with lids filled with Jelly Beans that match the colors of the wedding. As the celebration starts to wind down, these decorations are taken home to be enjoyed by guests. Wonderfully reusable, these containers will remind friends of the special event for years to come.

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