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Popcorn Tubs- 85 ounce - 50ct

Popcorn Tubs- 85 ounce - 50ct

Part Number:81204-41485 Price $39.33
The popcorn tub is better than all the rest because it gives to you the very best pop corn. These particular popcorn buckets contains up to 85 ounces of popcorn. The tub for popcorn can be reused for other needs and it is made from sturdy paperboard.

These popcorn accessories are items that will have a great usage. Popcorn tubs can be used at county fairs, festivals, movie theaters, ball games, or many other concession areas. These buckets for popcorn are served in a nicely displayed bucket. Place your order today!

  • 7" Top Diameter x 6.5" High
  • 50 Count

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