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Popping Candy Sour Quattro - 18ct

Popping Candy Sour Quattro - 18ct

Part Number:82403-35296 Price $14.54
  • Ideal Impulse Candy
  • 4 Great Pucker Flavors
Delicious Popping Candy Sour Quattro contains four great tart tasting candies - Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Lemon and Strawberry. These fizzling, sizzling, noise making popular and fun candies are ideal for parties. Some customers have been known to sprinkle on top of fresh baked goodies like cakes or cupcakes. Get creative. Order yours today!

  • 18 count
  • .33 Ounces Per Pack
  • Total Weight: 5.94 Ounces
  • Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Lemon, Strawberry
  • Popping Fun Candy

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