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Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Pretzels are instantly recognizable with the famous twisted knot look of most and that sprinkle of salt to coat them. A bread based treat this snack is anything but basic. Hard pretzels have been around for a very long time and are part of all our childhood memories. These are baked to the point of that signature hard crunch we love and then coated with chocolate to give you a scrumptious sweet and salty sensation. One bite into this mix of salt and sugar taste and you are sure to fall in love.

Mini pretzels covered with a variety of yogurt flavors offer up a morsel that not only tastes amazing but adds a great color for themed events. Last, but certainly not least, take a look at the candy coated pretzels. These are a delectable indulgence of pretzels that have been coated in milk chocolate and then rolled in chunks of cookies, candy bits, coconut and more. These top notch gourmet pretzels are another example of just how perfect a sweet feast these well-known nibble can be.

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