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Pucker Powder Dispensing System - 12 Flavor Unit

Pucker Powder Dispensing System - 12 Flavor Unit

Part Number:82403-25481 Price $2,697.50
Choose Flavors
Sweet Banana Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sweet Birthday Cake Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sweet Blue Bubblegum Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sweet Chocolate Pucker Powder - 9oz [+$13.83]
Sweet Cotton Candy Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sweet Pina Colada Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sweet Root Beer Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sweet Strawberry Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sweet Tropical Fruit Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sour Blue Raspberry Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sour Fruit Punch Pucker Powder- 9oz [+$13.83]
Sour Grape Pucker Powder- 9oz [+$13.83]
Sour Green Apple Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sour Lemonade Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sour Orange Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sour Peach Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sour Pink Lemonade Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sour Watermelon Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sour White Apple Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Sour Wild Cherry Pucker Powder - 9oz. [+$13.83]
Price of the display does NOT include candy
  • The Pucker Powder is optional with this display
  • Choose as many as you would like for just $13.39 each!
  • Candy powder tubes available in 6 Inch, 12 Inch18 Inch, and 34 Inch
Pucker Powder Dispensing System 12 Flavor Unit is a fun round display set with twelve spots for candy bottles. Load twelve flavors of your choice and let the fun begin! With a built-in tube holder and waste container, you don't have to do much but make sure everything stays filled. Customers can grab their own pucker powder tube and begin to fill until they have exactly what they think sounds delicious. You have a great way to raise funds with this fun interactive candy experience! Order your twelve flavor unit today!

There are a lot of places that this pucker powder 12 flavor system would be a fun asset such as: Candy Shops, Carnivals, Fairs, Convenience Stores, Birthday Parties, Wedding Receptions

Please allow 2 weeks lead time for production

  • 24" Diameter x 72" tall
  • About 100 lbs
  • Free Standing
  • Built-in tube holder
  • Built-in waste container
  • Easily Replace candy
  • Uses 9oz Pucker Powder® candy bottles only
  • Large storage in crown of unit
  • Removable tray for easy clean-up

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