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Purple Candy

Purple is the color of royalty and wealth. Use purple color candy for a delectable way to add some wealth to your candy shop. From hues of lavender to vibrant violet, we have several options for you to choose from. Need light shades? Salt water taffy, licorice, and chocolaty Sixlets and Gems are colored candies that offer this shade. Need something darker? Gems and Jelly Belly both have deeper shades of purple candy. 

Weddings and purple candies are a match made in heaven. Candy buffets at receptions are quickly gaining momentum as they provide a beautiful momento for guests. These Lavender Pearl Sixlets will provide the elegant look that this event deserves. Place these candies in beautiful containers and watch the lights sparkle off the lavender iridescence.  

Birthday parties, sports-related gatherings, and other special events all benefit from using bulk candy to create a festive mood. Cater to the party crowd, order today! 
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