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Red Candy Buffet

More Exciting Than a Fire Engine! Let Red Colored Candy create a refreshing air of excitement at your next event.  Brilliant colors in all shades will light up the night and turn the red candy into your top offering. We provide several red candies to really draw some attention. The ever-popular Jelly Belly has over 8 flavors that use a variety of shades of this dynamic color. Gems, Sixlets, licorice, Cherry Sours, gummies, and more can give your patrons a wide array of choices for decorating with red bulk candy. 

The Red Carpet Treatment! Having a candy display or buffet is the newest way to make your events and special moments even better. Red is a dramatic color that is associated with love. What better way to show how you feel that with a candy buffet at your wedding reception or birthday celebration. A buffet table laden with sweets is not complete until you add in the large variety of flavorful red color candies. Guests will love selecting some of their favorites as a take home treat and will remember your event as they savor their memento. 
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Atomic Fireballs - 30lbs
Twin Cherry Lollipops - 48ct
Average Rating(1)
Giant Twizzlers - 18ct
Cola Fruit Slices - 5lbs
Red Boston Beans - 5lbs
Cherry Chew - 5lbs
Cherry Chew - 10lbs
Gummy Lobsters - 26.4lbs
Juju Coins - 30lbs
Red Swedish Fish - 5lbs
Average Rating(2)
Red Swedish Fish - 10lbs
Average Rating(2)
Mini Red Swedish Fish - 10lbs
Average Rating(1)
Cherry Fruit Sours - 5lbs
Average Rating(1)
Red Gumballs - 1
Hot Tamales - 27lbs
Average Rating(1)
Hot Tamales - 4.5lbs
Cinnamon Balls - 15lbs
Strawberry Sourbelts - 19.8lbs
Average Rating(1)
Strawberry Laces - 15lbs
Red Candy Scoop - 12ct