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Revolving Interlocking Pegboard Display

Revolving Interlocking Pegboard Display

Part Number:81107-701415 Price $393.82
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Their heads will turn when items are placed on this Revolving Interlocking Pegboard Display. Pegboard displays in bright colors bring vibrancy to your store. The wheels on the bottom of this retail unit transform it into a mobile merchandiser that will become your favorite fixture. Save room by incorporating freestanding units that use the vertical space and add a fun look. Simply add some hooks and you are ready to roll in the dough! Order yours today.

  • Overall Dimensions: 16"W x 52"H x 16"D
  • Tower Dimensions: 14"W x 40"H x 14"D
  • Base Dimensions: 16"W x 12"H x 16"D
  • Revolves On A Metal Wheeled Base
  • 9 Color Options
  • Ships Un-Assembled
  • Includes Sign Holder Strip
  • Optional Header Signs Available

**Note: Once Assembled, Cannot Be Disassembled!**

Compatible Peg Hooks Available:

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