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Buffet Risers And Surfaces

Rise up and put your best foot forward! Whether you are a catering company, hotel, resort or have an important event coming up, we have the perfect risers for your table. Available in clear acrylic, rich bamboo and stainless steel options you can match your decor. 

There are no limits to the usefulness of these structures used to elevate your goods. Set up a banquet table or create individualized exhibits. Promote your dessert selections. Draw the eye to your newest items. With elevation comes attention and these hotel catering supplies are just what you are looking for. 
  • Mirror Acrylic Cubes
  • Riser Sets
  • Commercial Buffet Equipment
  • Round Bamboo Risers
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Black Bamboo Cube Display
Iron and Bamboo Riser
Bamboo Shelf - 7
Bamboo Shelf - 48
Bamboo Shelf - 32
Bamboo Shelf - 24
Bamboo Crate Riser
Bamboo Crate Riser - 10
Bamboo Crate Riser - 7
Bamboo Crate Riser - 4
Bamboo Cube Riser - 9
Bamboo Cube Riser - 3
Bamboo Rectangle Riser
Three-Tier Buffet Display
Acrylic Display Risers - 6pc
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Bamboo 3 Piece Riser Set