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Send customers back in time with these delicious hard candied swizzle sticks. Rock Candy has been around for years and is still an all time favorite. Whether you choose wholesale string candy in bulk, candy sticks in a tub, individually wrapped rock candy strings, or nostalgic swizzle sticks, these candy crystals will be an instant hit in any candy shop to retail store. These flavors are only a few of many more tasty treats. Come and check out what Candy Concepts, Inc. has to offer. Look at our package deal too! These prefilled candy display racks come with the rack, containers for the sticks, and the candy crystal sticks all together. It's takes out some of the stress of retailers incorporate when designing a new candy shop. 

  • Blue Raspberry Rock Candy Strings
  • Cherry Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks
  • Root-beer Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks
  • Lemon Rock Candy Strings

Candy Concepts offers a wide range of packages for you to purchase, whether its by the pound or a certain count. Select which of the best candy crystals fits your needs. If you want to up your candy display, try a candy rack with bins filled with candy sticks. Need a great way to display our old fashioned candy sticks? Come and look at our Candy Display bins and jars. Watch your sales go up with rock crystal candy displays. Get your sweet product today!

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