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Salt Water Taffy is a favorite of shoppers everywhere, especially in tourist shops, on the boardwalk, plus so many more places. Purchasing wholesale saltwater taffy makes sense: you save a bundle and the markup is fantastic. Available in over 70 flavors with assorted colors and flavoring ranging from old fashioned sweetness to the new generation concoctions, everyone will find a flavor to tempt their taste buds.

Bulk wrapped taffies can be purchased by the pound in either five or twenty pound increments. You get approximately 65 wrapped pieces per pound. Check out concocted flavors like Apple Pie, Chicken & Waffles, S'mores and even Xtreme Hot flavored taffy. You are sure to find a favorite in our collection. Some of our salt water taffies are wrapped in clear cello. Perfect for adding to gift baskets plus more. If you are undecided about which flavor you truly want, check out assortments like the classic assorted mix, saltwater sassy taffy, summer sip mix and the tropical blend of taffies. Setting up a sweet shop? We have a deal for you! Choose our four flavors, at five pounds each, all in one box. That equals to about 1300 pieces of candy at a wholesale price.

Purchasing wholesale saltwater taffy makes sense, customers love the product, you save a ton of money and the markup is phenomenal. Placing a candy display at the front of your retail store is a great way to expand impulse sales. Another idea to spur sales for salt water taffy is to make your customers feel important; have a sampling and allow your customers to choose which flavors they want available first and foremost. Change up your flavors and keep your customers happy and wondering what will be served up next. Come and check us out today!
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