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Scales are an integral part of many retail businesses, especially when you are working with bulk foods such as candy & nuts, beans, fresh fruits and vegetables plus more. Scales can be placed around your store wherever self-serve candy, nuts, produce, or hardware items need to be weighed. Keep in mind that if products are sold by weight, a scale that specifies "for trade" or "trade use" must be used at the checkout counter. 

  • Digital Scales 
  • Heirloom Scales 
  • For Trade Use Scales
  • Hanging Scales
Selling candy in bulk is a great investment in your candy store. Fill up on our Bulk Candy Packages and you are on your way to increased sales. Children love to scoop up treats and place them in a bag. The independence is exciting. A legal trade scale then allows you to properly price their treasures. 

Scales come with a wide variety of abilities. The most basic gives you the weight. Price computing scales take it one step further by providing the prices based on weight such as deli meats. Label printers and printing scales make it even simpler by providing an easy way to ring up the sales. Whether you sell candy, nuts, coffee, grains, or dog treats by weight, we have the legal for trade use scales you need to do it.
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