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Slapstix Giant Caramel Pops - 24ct

Slapstix Giant Caramel Pops - 24ct

Part Number:81105-300346 Price $29.18
  • Old Fashioned Classic Candy
  • Prepackaged, Easy To Share
Lollipops just got a significant twist! Slapstix Giant Caramel Pops bring together the love of creamy caramel and the functionality of a lollipop stick to give you a caramel pop. Easy for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy. Add some old fashioned candy charm to your store, order today!

  • 24 Count
  • 2 Ounces Each
  • Chewy caramel lollopop
  • Made with skim milk with a swirl of banana nougat

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