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Sneeze Guards

Ah-choo!  Keep your edibles protected from "the elements" with a Sneeze Guard! Buffet tables, topping bars, and serve yourself food lines attract all types and personalities. Safeguard your freshly made foods with one of our see-through Free Standing or Suspended shields that are either single sided or double faced for extra protection. Our sneeze guards do exactly what it says, they can help keep unwanted germs and tiny hands & fingers out of your dishes, dessert toppings and more. Our free-standing protector can be mounted and drilled on your tabletop, keeping is tightly secure and no worries about slippage. The hanging guard dangles over your table and gives you more openness on your food bar; plus it includes the hardware needed to suspend over your service area. All of our food shields are made with durable acrylic material allowing your patrons clear view of the tasty and delicious goods.

Protecting your investment should be at the top of the list whether it's in your retail store or food related shop. Customer's will appreciate the added extra step you are taking to ensure their safety from the uncontrollable elements. Come and check out our Sneeze Guards for the extra protection you desire for your edibles. Ordering is easy, simply add to your online shopping cart today and save time and money!
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