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Snickers Crisper Bar - 18ct

Snickers Crisper Bar - 18ct

Part Number:82403-32871 Price $22.23
Snickers candy  bars are something we recognize instantly on site and by name. Now they have added a new item, the Snickers Crisper Bar. Each bar has a layer of rice crisps and peanuts which is then topped with caramel and the whole thing is surrounded by milk chocolate. Each bite into this chocolate bar gives you a salty and sweet taste combo as well as that fun crunch. Milk Chocolate bars are an easy treat for customers to purchase as they can keep them fresh with their sealed wrappers and keep them in purses, briefcases, desk drawers and pantries to name a few spots. Each time a sweet urge hits they can grab this new taste sensation of snickers crisper and then come back for more. Order yours today!

  • 18 Count
  • 1.41 Ounces Each
  • Mix of crisped rice and peanuts
  • Topped with a layer of caramel
  • Coated in creamy milk chocolate

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