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Sour Gummy Candy – Toxic Waste – Sour Gum - Tart Candies
Several Toxic Waste Candies
Photos Courtesy of S. Odell, Vermont
Pucker power! Sour candy and tart candy provides great taste as well as that great pucker everyone loves. Sour patch kids or other gummy sours that have that great gummy texture with the touch of sour are a favorite. Gummy worms, gummy rings, as well as fun shaped sour burgers, are just a few of the great gummi sour candy.  

Lemon is a top tangy flavor and lemonheads or lemon drops are a great tart hard candy option. Kids and adults alike love that zing of tart that hits their tongue with each of these wonderful sour items. Wholesale candy brings in lots of revenue and will keep customers coming back for more to try the new and get more of the nostalgic candies. 

Check out the pucker powder flavors to include with your items. There are pixie sticks, giant pixie sticks and now pucker powder allows patrons to create their own mix of sour flavored sugar in take home tubes. Order lots of sour and tart bulk candy today! 
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Smarties Rolls - 40lbs
Average Rating(2)
Giant Smarties - 36ct
Average Rating(2)
Tart n Tinys - 15lbs
Not for Sale
Tart n Tinys - 24ct
Average Rating(1)
Sour Patch Kids - 24ct
Smarties Mystery - 24ct
Smarties Mega - 24ct
Zotz Assorted - 5lbs
Sour Patch Kids - 240ct
Zotz Cherry - 24ct
Zotz Watermelon - 24ct
Cherry Sour Punch - 24ct
Grape Fruit Sours - 5lbs
Lemon Fruit Sours - 5lbs
Funny Bones - 15lbs
Sweetart Rolls - 36ct
Too Tarts Goo 4U - 18ct
Toxic Waste Bank  - 12ct
Mamba Sour Sticks - 24ct
Super Sours - 700ct
Assorted Sour Dudes - 4.4lbs
Not for Sale
Sour Brite Bears - 5lbs
Average Rating(1)
Sour Wacky Watermelon Gummy Bears - 6.6lbs
Not for Sale
Sour Wacky Watermelon Gummy Bears - 26.4lbs
Not for Sale
Box of Boogers - 12ct
Juicy Drop Gum - 16ct
Sour Pops - 24ct
Sour Brite Sloths - 12ct
Emoticandy Tins - 18ct
Smarties Tablets - 10lbs
Sour Patch Kids - 5lbs
Average Rating(2)
Sour Patch Kids - 20lbs
Sour Skittles - 24ct
Razzles Sour - 24ct
Gummi Sour Burgers  - 60ct
Average Rating(2)
Fun Dip - 48ct
Average Rating(2)
Pixy Sticks - 2500ct
Average Rating(1)
World's Biggest Sour Necklace - 24ct
Not for Sale
Pixy Sticks - 85ct
Average Rating(1)
Cherry Fruit Sours - 5lbs
Average Rating(1)
Apple Fruit Sours - 5lbs
Lemonheads - 27lbs
Sour Poppers - 4.5lbs
Average Rating(1)
Sour Poppers - 18lbs
Sour Gummy Octopus - 6.6lbs
Average Rating(1)
Strawberry Sourbelts - 19.8lbs
Average Rating(1)
Sour Peach Pucker Powder - 9oz
Average Rating(1)