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Special Buy Acrylic Bin - Hinged Lid

Special Buy Acrylic Bin - Hinged Lid

Part Number:82607-BB1 Price $58.53
1 - 3
4 - 10
  • Keeps your edible products fresh and sanitary.     
  • Perfect for small retail items 
  • Hinged lid provides easy access to customers. 

Make big profits with this low priced, high quality, acrylic candy dispenser. Bins with hinged-lids allow customers easy access to your products while keeping the merchandise fresh and tasty. Containers with lids are a must to be approved by the health department. Acrylic containers may seem at first a big investment but you get quality and durability. Which makes it a wise investment as you won't have to replace acrylic bins as often as other containers. These bins are multi functional as they have many uses. From candy dispensers to displaying small novelty items at checkout you will find it highly versatile. Get yours today.

( Custom Sizes Available - Call 1-866-242-7585 To Inquire)

  • 8.5" H x  7" W x 12" D 
  • Super Sturdy Acrylic Containers
  • American Made

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