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Standard Shelfbox 5 Foot Wall of Profits

Standard Shelfbox 5 Foot Wall of Profits

Part Number:82907-01-08D-5W Price $212.38
errorgif Color
  • Ideal Space Saving Bins
  • Sturdy & Convenient
  • Create Your Own Candy Wall

Short on shelf space? Then put your walls to work with this amazing Standard Shelfbox Wall Of Profits. The shelfbox display comes with color options, so don't forget to select one color that best fits your display organizing needs. Each storage container holds up to 33 pounds of merchandise at one sitting. These retail containers are made from a super tough polypropylene plastic material thats designed to last longer than your normal exhibiting containers. Their slat-hook design is ensures that your bins will fit on an existing showcasing fixture. Take a chance on potentially increasing your profits. Order yours today to save you precious time and money!

  • 60 Slatwall Containers
  • 5-1/4" L x 5-1/2" W x 3-3/8" H
  • Working Load Limit - 33 lbs
  • Eight Color Choices
  • Slat-Hook Ensures Fitting Into Existing Store Fixtures
  • Super Tough, Impact-Modified, Fade-Resistant Virgin Polypropylene
  • Multi-Purpose And Space Efficient
  • Convenient Built-In Label Holder

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