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Store Equipment

Cash Wraps - Scales - Cash Registers - Store Security - Shopping Baskets
Store equipment operating machines and accessories, from scales to pricing tools, are now available at affordable prices. Choose from a number of bargain-priced items to meet your needs that will aid you with every day business transactions. Organization is key when it comes to maintaining a solid customer base and a profitable margin. With weight scales, cash registers, and retail pricing equipment in this category, you now have the opportunity to step out of the nostalgic times and into an updated version of the retail industry. Calculate sales and keep accurate records by having the right piece of equipment in your business. Scales are one of the most useful pieces of store and restaurant equipment around. With a professional scale, you can accurately weigh and price loose merchandise such as bulk candy, produce, fruits and vegetables, buffet toppings, and more. Have the perfect checkout stations when your purchase one of our various cash wraps. Select from one stationary piece or a combination of nine units in one ranging from solid to glass display fronts.

Ordering candy equipment, suggestion boxes, security cameras or crowd control supplies for your store not only makes your life easier but will be a huge hit with your employees and customers alike. Shopping baskets are the first thing patrons reaches for, go ahead and ensure great sales by presenting the hand baskets near the entrance. Customers and guests will comment on how quick and efficient your store appears. Order today to make the work of selling easier!