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Sugar Free Assorted Gummi Fish - 5lbs

Sugar Free Assorted Gummi Fish - 5lbs

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  • Great Candy If You Are Watching Sugar Intake
  • Assorted Flavors and Colors

Sugar-Free Assorted Gummi Fish are a yummy option for you if you’re diabetic or just trying to avoid a lot of sugar. With assorted flavors there is a wider variety of tastes to splurge on. One of the hardest things for some diabetics is having to give up their sweet treats but with these sugar free candies you can once again enjoy the experience of gummi candy! Try some today! For all you candy store owners, make sure to add these to your sugar free section and create a happy customer when they can once again step into a candy store and walk back out with sweets of their own to eat. Make sure to order today and check out our other sugar free candies!

  • About 65 pieces per pound