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Sugar-Free NutraSweet Gumballs - 19lbs

Sugar-Free NutraSweet Gumballs - 19lbs

Part Number:81105-101901 Price $200.98
Retail Price:$281.01 Savings:$80.03(28%)
  • Sugar Free
  • Full Of Great Flavor
Gumballs are a much-loved treat for all ages. That one little ball of chewy flavorful gum and we are all smiles and happy. Now for those who have to limit their sugar intake due to diabetes we have Sugar-Free NutraSweet ® Gumballs. With these sugar-free versions, you can now enjoy those great gumballs again. In assorted colors and flavors, you can provide another item for your sugar-free section. Gumballs without sugar is sure to be a favorite item for diabetics and others alike. Order yours today!

  • 1/2" in Diameter
  • 19 lbs.
  • About 228 per pound
  • Assorted colors and flavors
  • Kosher
  • Sugar Free

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