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Our line of Sugar-Free Chocolate and Candy is growing! Gone are the days when those who can't have sugar had to sit by and watch all the others eat chocolate and candy treats. Over 8% of Americans have diabetes - don't miss out on this population in your store. In addition to diabetics, there are many other people who are trying to cut down on carbs and calories by swapping their normal candies for sugar-free candies.

From decadent chocolate to fruity gummies, we have just the treats for those who need to skip the sugar, but still need a little sweetness! Fill up on sugar-free bulk candy in your shop or retail store. Create a special section just for these candies, but don't forget to stock a few by the register for a last minute craving as well. Order sugar-free candy today and expand your clientele. 
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Trident Layers Apple/Pineapple - 12ct
Not for Sale
Trident Layers Swedish Fish - 12ct
Not for Sale
Sugar Free Butter Toffee & Almonds - 10lbs
Not for Sale
Too Tarts Goo 4U - 18ct
Sugar-Free Fairytale Fruit Gum - 12ct
Coming February 2019
Not for Sale