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Thanksgiving Candy

Happy Thanksgiving Candy
Summer days are cooling down, but sales are HEATING up! Jump into fall with the candy that is sure to keep the crowds coming. Whether guests are looking for some fun thanksgiving candy or looking for traditional candies of this season of thankfulness, you can get them all here.

Autumn brings colorful leaves and cooler breezes as we enjoy bonfires and snuggling up in sweatshirts to fight off the chill. During this time of family and friends joining together for meals and fun there is always a need for delicious treats. Black, brown, yellow and orange are the shades of fall and what better to bring to family dinner. Foil wrapped chocolates allow you to enjoy turkey legs, corn cobs, leaves, acorns, and other fun shaped sweets themed with all that fall brings.

When family is arriving, welcome them with candy dishes filled with jelly bean mixes and fun holiday flavors such as cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is all about time together celebrating those things that you are grateful for and candy is certainly one of the great blessings in life. Stock up with lots of bulk candy to share and enjoy as we share in this wonderful time of year!
*Please note: There is limited availability on specially marked items *
Don't forget the colors that go with autumn! You'll find even more choices in the Candy By Color categories.