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Tins have been around for centuries. We have used them for mints, tobacco, money; we carried them in our pockets, our cars, purses and pouches. We keep reusing it over and over again until we can no longer. That's why keepsake tins, shaped tins, and window tins are wonderful for using as gift and party favors for special occasions, holidays, birthdays, or just to say you care. Maintaining a wide variety to choose from in your retail store is beneficial for increasing your customer base and sales profits.
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Having a hard time trying to figure out what to give to your bridesmaids to say "Thank You?" Or What would be the ideal party favor for son's birthday party? We have the perfect answers to those questions for you. Not just for these questions here but for similar questions other customers may have. Present these tins in a way so that you have the answer before the questions. Incorporate the memorabilia to fill and refill these tins. Add the cute, unique trinkets that not too many people will ever think about. Customers will flock to your store because you are not offering the normal. So get creative, order your keepsakes today.

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