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Tri-Fold Bamboo Gridwall Stand - 5ft

Tri-Fold Bamboo Gridwall Stand - 5ft

Part Number:82304-7248-35 Price $301.17
Bamboo Hook?
Gridwall Waterfall?
The bamboo panel gridwall is easily accessible and helps keep your items organized. Customers are more likely to view your products within the tri-fold wooden stand when they are presented in a fashionable and convenient way. This display fixture is made up of three-folding pieces of bamboo. Great choice for an apparel tower display. Order yours now!  


  • Sustainable bamboo building material.
  • Compatible with all metal grid wire accessories
  • Stainless steel hinges.
  • Conveniently setup anywhere in the store.
  • Fold up for easy moving and storage.
  • 72" Width x 60" Height.
  • Excellent choice for clothing and apparel.

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