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Trolls PEZ Dispensers - 12ct

Trolls PEZ Dispensers - 12ct

Part Number:81105-103115 Price $20.75
  • Each Dispenser Features A Different Troll Character
  • Great Addition To Any Collection
Trolls PEZ Dispensers offer a new design with these dispensers by features individuals from the movie "Trolls". Adorable with their crazy hair, we all grew up loving these little guys so when you add them to a popular candy that has been around for generation as well - you have a sure fire hit. Add this to your store wholesale licensed character candies. If you are looking for other Trolls items, we also offer solid chocolate pops featuring them. Enjoy every little piece of Trolls pez candies. Keep the themed character holder as a collectors item or refill over and over again since these fit so well in lunch boxes. Order yours today!

  • 12 Count
  • Each Pack Contains 1 Dispenser and 2 Candy Refills
  • Featured Characters: Poppy and Guy Diamond

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