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Ultimate Test Tube Candy Display

Ultimate Test Tube Candy Display

Part Number:82914-SYB100 Price $1,069.14
  • Increase In Impulse Sales
  • Easy Setup
  • Candy Included With Display
Your customers taste buds will thank you when they see this candy display. With the bubble floor display, they can choose sweet or sour candies or both. Set this filled candy display near the checkout and you will see those sales increase because when customers walk by they will be more than tempted to grab a few of these Rock Crystal Candies. Add to cart!

Amazing bubble action floor display:
  • Measures 21" dia x 72" tall 
  • 5 test tube edge-glow shelves
  • 3 edge-glow dump bin shelves and green poles
  • Requires 110V outlet 
  • 2 gallons of distilled water.  

  •    192 - Formula Sour
  •    48 - Mouth Explosion
  •    96 - Blasting Powder
  •    96 - Crystal Sour
  •    96 - Kaboom Rocks

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