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Warm White Fairy Moon Lights - 4' - 3ct

Warm White Fairy Moon Lights - 4' - 3ct

Your Price: $21.27
Part Number:82200-DRMOON-100
  • Great For Home Decor
  • Creates Ambiance Appeal
  • Adds Sophistication To Any Event
Looking for a way to create some ambiance for a romantic evening? Look no further! Warm White Fairy Moon Lights are your solution. These elegant visual effects add a soft warm glow to any display you choose. Perfect for flower arrangements, crystal vases, and more! Add a soft sophisticated touch to your evening occasion. Purchase your lights today!

  • Indoor grade
  • 12 LED bulbs
  • 4 Feet of thin silver wire with warm white LED lights secured to it
  • Great Warm white glow for any event
  • 2" x 0.8" x 0.25" battery pack can be easily hid
  • 2 CR2032 coin cell batteries 
  • *Batteries are included & Replaceable

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