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Whatchamacallit - King Size - 18ct

Whatchamacallit - King Size - 18ct

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Whatchmacallit Candy Bar peanut butter flavored crisp as with a layer of caramel and covered in a milk chocolate coating. This Hershey Candy bar is a king when it comes to flavor. First introduced in 1978 this great candy bar with a slightly silly name is going to be a great addition to you candy bar collection. This chocolate bar is quite popular in recipes for lots of food items, including pies, cookies, cheesecakes, and cupcakes. Who wouldn’t want to grab just one last minute whatchamacallit bar at the register as they head out the door of your store? So stock up well and order yours today! 

  • 18 Count
  • Size: 2.6 oz
  • Kosher Product

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