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Wooden Store Displays

Wooden Displays - Wood Store Fixtures - Wooden Store Display
Wooden Barrel Displays can be found at Candy Concepts Inc

Get More For Your Store! Wooden store displays are uniquely designed. Provide your business with a country atmosphere that will impress your customers and keep the profits flowing.

The wooden store displays consist of:
  • bamboo
  • barrels
  • baskets
  • carts
  • crates
  • decor
  • pedestals
  • shelving
  • slatwalls
  • tables
  • wagons
  • wicker
The bamboo displays are a combination of bamboo store fixtures, containers, and tables. Use the bamboo folding rack or shelf display to provide a decorative view for your customers. Wooden barrels provide an "old timey" feeling throughout the store. Use the wooden barrel tubs, buckets, or general store display and create a western atmosphere.

Basket displays come in a variety of forms in a natural, stained, or painted colored wood. Painted rotating racks are perfect for a countertop showcase or even as a floor exhibit. Wood display carts may have a flower display setup, or candy display, or a variety of other displays. The wood crates are available in natural, stained, or painted color designs. The decorative wagon wheels, butter churns, and cannons are very pleasing to the eye, which in turn will bring in more clientele.

Our decorative wood pedestals and rustic pedestals offer a more eye-level contact with your customer, therefore catching their eye and increasing profits. Wood fixtures and displays make a stunning exhibit for placement anywhere on the floor. Wooden slatwalls, whether they are double sided, four-way, or towers, can be used as a clothing rack, shoe rack, or in a variety of ways. The wooden table and tower displays are a spectacular way to setup for your store supply of bulk products.

Wooden tray and wagon displays are elegant and creative for all occasions. The wicker furnishings are combined with baskets, floor display fixtures, and counter displays. These basket counter displays may be used to advertise candy or possibly sale items. Don't delay, come on out and take a stroll through our wood fixtures and wooden store displays.